2022 Design A Tee Comp.

It’s back! Are you an artist, designer or do you just like getting creative?!

This year the theme is  Be Your Own Weird. The winning tee will go on sale with $10.00 of each sale being donated to a charity of the winners choice, and $5 of each sale going straight to the winner!

Entries open to anyone residing in NZ from the age of 11.

Entries close 14th April 2022 10am.

To download the brief and T & Cs click on the link below.


Is there a minimum print number?

Yes, but it depends on what branding process we are using. For screen print our minimum order is 12x garments. For embroidery our minimum order is 5x garments. For supacolour transfer our minimum order is 10x garments. For cut vinyl transfer there is no minimum.

See information about the different options here.

I need to get an order printed; where do I start?

If you have your artwork / logo ready start by getting in touch with us either via our contact page, email, phone or in store. We will get all the information from you including your artwork / logo so that we can put a quote together.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, our staff will guide you through your best options. Don’t have the artwork finished yet? No problem, get in touch for a chat and we’ll let you know where to start. Just have questions? No probs, get in touch with us and we’ll guide you through the process.

Below is the breakdown of the process.

  • First contact / information gathering.
  • Quote accepted.
  • 50% deposit is paid.
  • Digital proof / artwork completed and signed off by client.
  • Apparel /Accessories ordered
  • Completion of printing / embroidery
  • Order is ready for collection, remainder on invoice for paid for before collection.
Can I Supply my own garments?

Yes you can but we are unable to guarantee the result on client supplied garments. The branding itself will also be more expensive as apparel supply is a big part of our business.

As an apparel and accessories supplier we can get almost any garment and accessory at a great price, and as we are experienced with them we know the quality and what to expect when we print them. Not all garments print the same so before you purchase your own garments please discuss it with us first.

What format does my artwork need to be?

How long will my job take?

Our turn around is usually 2-3 weeks however let us know what your deadline is and we will aways do our best to meet it.

 What colours are available?

We use a Pantone Colour Matching system.. With so many colours available, you will most definitely find your match! Pop into our showroom to see the choice.

 How can I get a Quote?

Use the contact form on our contact page and someone will be in touch with you within 48 hours. For urgent enquires give Courtney a call on 021 1767660.

Will you provide a proof before going ahead?

Yes! We will never proceed with branding until the digital proof has been accepted by the customer. Once the quote has been accepted we begin working on the proof in the week prior to your deadline. Need a proof to before accepting a quote? Let us know and we can make it happen.

 Do you offer a graphic design service?

Yes we offer a full graphic design service as well as a full artistic service. We charge a hourly rate so get in touch to discuss your options.

 How do I pay?

We accept cash, eftpos ands credit card. We no longer accept cheques. You can pay in store or online.

I paid a Set Up cost on the screen, does that mean I own them?

No you paid for the hireage of that screen, once your job has been finished we need to use the screen for other jobs. If you print the same design within 1x month the set up charge is free however reprints between 1 month and 6 month will be 50% of the original. Orders outside of 6 months will have the full set up charged.

Set up charges cover the labour and materials it takes to expose your artwork onto screens, and line the screens up on the carousel for printing. It takes as long to set up to print 1x tee as it does to print 100x.