Oct 16, 2016 / By Courts

The ins and outs of branded apparel & accessories.

So you’re thinking about getting some branded apparel for your team.

Think of it as an investment because thats exactly what it is; an investment for your business. And it is exactly what we do, and what we do best!

Your business will stand out.

Branded apparel is a great and affordable way to help your business stand out. It makes you and team look more professional, thus becoming more approachable. And it turns your staff into walking billboards! At a fraction of the cost of a real billboard!

Your staff will be identifiable.

Picture this, you send your staff onsite, they aren’t wearing branded clothing. Other people on site wont know who they are, neighbours and people in the surrounding area wont know who they are. This can become a safety concern and makes your business seem less professional. Is it a potentially high hazard workplace, branded hi vis gear will help your team been seen and kept safe. Plus think of all the extra business that could be generated by people seeing your brand!

The feel good factor.

The happier your team is , the better their quality of work will be. Branded clothing will create a team atmosphere, giving them the feel good factor and with 12 garment and accessories suppliers you can rest assured Screen Culture can help you find the right garments for your team!

Printed apparel and accessories can also make great rewards and gifts…..tees, hoodies, umbrellas, bags, headwear and more. Successful companies have been using this strategy for years to express their gratitude to their staff and trades with great success rates!

Where does Screen Culture fit in?

We specialise in screen printed and embroidered apparel & accessories. It’s what we do everyday, all day. As qualified designers (BDes Textile Design, BDes Visual Comm.) we know the power of great branding and we know how to translate this to garments and accessories. Whether you run a small business or a large company, manage a sports team, or run an event or show we will work closely with you to determine what your best options are.

Contact Courtney on courtney@screenculture.co.nz or 021 176 7660 to get started.